How to change menu colors

Nov 23, 2021

I am using the Modern player and would like to change the "selected" color for the menu entries. The "selected" color is white, but the text of the menu entries is also white, so it disappears when selected.

When I go to Colors & Effects, I have the options of Dark, Light, or Custom, and regardless of what I choose, the menu-entry text color is still white and the selected color is white. How can I change this so the text is visible when selected? Any help would be appreciated!

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Janet!

The ability to edit the Moder Player font color isn't a feature at the moment, but it's a request that we're currently tracking. If possible, I want to look at your file to see why the menu text isn't showing up for you; that shouldn't be happening. Could you share the .story file in this discussion or privately here? I'm happy to continue troubleshooting this with you!