How to change state of button from hidden

Jun 26, 2012

I am trying to change the state of a button from hidden to normal based on two other buttons being clicked, and thus changing two variables. I think my logic is correct, I can get the states to work if I use something like 'disabled' but when I try to change a button from 'hidden' to 'normal' it is not showing up, I didn't see anything about 'visible'. I have the variables displayed on the stage so I know they are working correctly. Any help appreciated. Below are the triggers I have set up.


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vivian berger

Well, I don't understand why but when I removed the trigger to set it to hidden and instead set the default to hidden on that page it all seems to work. In this instance making the change is fine, not sure it would always be so it would still be great to find out the why but at least I have the how. Thanks!

Ashley Kossick

Hey Anthony and Rebecca,

I've got another quick question. I've built two layers, correct and incorrect. I'd like to launch these layers individually  when certain buttons are selected and then the submit button is clicked. For example.

if button 1 and 2 are selected and the submit button is clicked the "correct" layer displays. If only button 1 is selected and the submit button is clicked the "incorrect" layer displays. 

Here is the combination of the buttons that equal c=correct feedback displayed or i=incorrect feedback displayed. (also I know that the number 4 is not used in this sequence. sorry for any confusion). 



1, 3=i













Antony Snow

Hi Ashley,

Is this slide not already set up as a multiple response question? If it was, then SL would automatically apply the logic to show the appropriate layer when any given combination of answers are selected.

If you have built this slide from scratch, then the easiest way would be to add 2 triggers.

  1. Show layer 'correct' when the user clicks on 'submit' on condition that 'button 1' AND 'button 2' states = 'selected'. 
  2. Show layer 'incorrect' when the user clicks on 'submit' on condition that any of 'button 3', 'button 5' and 'button 6' states = 'selected'

Hope this helps,


Sue Ascher

Hi, I'm having a similar problem. I am trying to have checkmarks show up from the hidden state when users have clicked on a section tab to show that they have completed that section. It works in the initial menu slide when I preview just that slide, but does not work when I preview the course, either on the initial menu slide, nor on the menu slides later on in the course (I copied and pasted the menu buttons to the subsequent menu slides).



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