How to change the feedback when the user empty without answering?

Jul 23, 2013

Does anyone know how to change the feedback that appear when the user click on submit before answering the question?

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Harri S

Hi Maddy,

Apologies, when I downloaded the .zip it downloaded as a .tgz file which I cannot open ( not sure why).

Could you let me know exactly how you want this interaction to function, how many items need to be dropped on the brown area for example and how you want the user to interact with it.

At first glance I would say that you need a drop state rather than a drag over state (but I am making a lot of assumptions about the user's actions) and you need to ensure that all drag and drop items have a target or SL will not recognise them as having been interacted with. Finally you need check that the drag and drop items have the drag/drop correct state associated with them.

Hope this helps

Maddy P

Hi Harris

I just need drop one item on the green lock to the brown area. all other are distracter. When the user did not drag any items. it should show the invalid layer and user click on ok to return to the question, while if the user drag the wrong answer it will show the wrong layer.  while the user drag the correct answer it will show the correct layer.

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Maddy,

Another quick way to do this (whenever you have a custom submit button) is to initially hide or disable it, and add a trigger to set it to normal when one of your choices/elements are selected (or in your case dragged over).

This way you are making sure the invalid answer dialog never pops up, which is great if you - like myself - find the extra couple of clicks unnecessary.

Hope this helps,

Harri S

Hi Maddy,

The problem you have here is that all drag and drop items must have a correct drop area when you use the inbuilt mechanism. You can achieve the effect you're looking for but you would need to trigger it manually. 

I've made an attempt at achieving the functionality you want, you'll need to design the feedback layers manually though. If you want to use the convert to free form function you'll need to add off screen buttons, trigger them to change state to selected and then trigger show layer  feedback layers 

Hope this helps.

Mike Taylor

Hi Maddy! Similar to a hover state., the Drag Over state is just a temporary visual state that appears while an object is being dragged. Once the object is dropped it is no longer in the Drag Over state. 

In addition to the suggestions of Alexandros and Harri, your current logic could work if you changed the state of the drag-able items when they are dropped on your target to either a "Selected" or a custom state like "OnTarget" and then set your conditions based on that state instead of the Drag Over state.

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