How to Change the State of a Group with a Single Trigger?

Hi all! I'm new to Storyline and am having an issue adding "change state" triggers to a group. Here's the issue: when prompted to select the object I want to change the state of, it doesn't list the group. Instead, it will only allow me to change the state of one object at a time. This is how my 'new trigger' window reads:

  • Action: Change state of
  • On Object: unassigned (lists individual objects but does not include 'Group 1')
  • To State: 
  • When: user clicks
  • Object: Group 1 

When prompted for the 'Object' the user should click to trigger change, it does recognize 'Group 1.' I am not having trouble adding other types of triggers to the group (e.g. 'Go to next scene'). So why can't I apply the trigger to 'Group 1' in the 'On Object' drop down menu?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Rita Korjonen

Question to Articulate 360 staff: Could it be possible to create a functionality that enables the state changing trigger to affect a whole group? Sometimes it feels really frustrating to add "change state of" triggers to each element separately. For example: I'm building a menu slide to a course that includes 11 buttons and each button includes shape + image. The initial state is disabled so that the learner clicks the buttons in correct order. Lots of clicking and trigger adding in this case... :) 

Michael Gallagher

The way to handle this is as follows. Let's say you have a rectangle with text (Your main button). You also have an image that will be part of the button. You currently have them grouped together. First, ungroup the button shape and image. Now, Select the image, Cut it (Ctrl X). Now click on the rectangle with text (main button) and select the "States" tab. You paste the image into the state of the button. Now, when you want to change the states with triggers, you are controlling the rectangle and the image because they are one piece. See the video attached.

Whitney Miller-Nichols

Hi everyone... I'm babystepping into working with variables for my latest project. I have 5 grouped items that trigger different branches. Once each branch is complete, the learner is routed back to the starting point. I would like to use a T/F variable to keep the learner from progressing unless s/he has visited all 5 branches.

However, I can't apply a variable to a grouped object, only elements of the group. Is there any chance that the development team would work to allow a grouped object to trigger a variable? It seems odd to me that a grouped object can function as a target for a trigger but not a variable.

Also, any ideas on how I can work around this issue in the meantime?

Walt Hamilton

It's not that you can't apply a variable to a group, it's that you can't apply a state to a group.

Change the variable based on the learner reaching the end of the branch (that has the added advantage of not giving them credit until they finish the content). Use whatever mechanism that returns them to the starting point to change the variable. WARNING: If you use a jump to slide trigger, the trigger that sets the variable showing that segment is complete must be ABOVE the jump trigger in the trigger list or it won't be executed.

Then on the starting point, allow them to progress if all five variables are True. That way you don't have to fight with groups and states.