How to Close a Menu item (Resources) on an iPad

I need to have Resources available to my users on an iPad using Articulate Mobile Player and have those be a perpetual resource, so users can summon it and return to where they are in the course.

So on an iPad (using Articulate Mobile Player):

  1. You can only use the left nav bar.
  2. Cannot use the top bar, right bar or lightbox slides for what I understand.
  3. Cannot link to HTML pages.
  4. Cannot open external documents, such as PDFs, Word docs etc.

If this is all true, then this is what I did as a workaround,  I put 'Resources' in it's own scene, and then added that in the menu on the left.  The content on the resources screen now are links to internal scrolling images instead of PDFs, which is all good.

But how do I 'close' that item if I am in the course and want to stay where I am at?  If I am in a section of the course, and click Resources below, I can't close the Resources window with a close button because it is not a Lightbox slide.  I don't think I can set a variable to track what page I am on and return to that page upon close of the Resources slide either. 

Am I missing something simple here?  Thanks!


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