How to close the parent window from a child window in Successfactors lms?

Jul 04, 2019


I have developed a course in Storyline 3 and uploaded in the Successfactors LMS. Course will launch in a separate window. Now, LMS is the parent window and the course is the child window. I want to close both the windows LMS and Course window from the course window when exit the course.

window.opener, are used in the child window to close the parent window. But these codes are closed the child window instead of the parent window.

In the player level Exit button I have given the below code and it closes the course (child window) but not the LMS window.

function closeParent(){
var wnd = window;
if((wnd.opener != null) && (typeof(wnd.opener) != "undefined")){

I am not sure Successfactors LMS is blocking the parent window reference. Please let me know, how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

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