How to concatenate text fields conditionally


I have a course in which the users will select 3 out of 7 behaviors to commit to over the next 30 days.

The results are then emailed to their supervisor using Javascript. The script I have below works, but because it includes all the possible variables, inserts extra semicolons between empty variables.

What I would really like would be to format the email so that the body looks like:


Here are the behaviors I'm committed to practicing for the next 30 days:

commitment 1

commitment 2

commitment 3 

Right now, I'm using semicolons to separate the commitments instead of line breaks because if the user selects behaviors 1, 5, and 7 there would be a bunch of line breaks between 1 and 5.

So... how do I get the variable "commitments" to concatenate only the populated commitment variables?

Below is the javascript I'm using now. Thank you in advance for your help!


var player = GetPlayer();
var email = player.GetVar('email');
var commitment1 = player.GetVar('commitment1');
var commitment2 = player.GetVar('commitment2');
var commitment3 = player.GetVar('commitment3');
var commitment4 = player.GetVar('commitment4');
var commitment5 = player.GetVar('commitment5');
var commitment6 = player.GetVar('commitment6');
var commitment7 = player.GetVar('commitment7');
var commitments = commitment1 + '; ' + commitment2 + '; ' + commitment3 + '; ' + commitment4 + '; ' + commitment5 + '; ' + commitment6 + '; ' + commitment7;
var subject = 'My Commitments to Reducing Escalations Behaviors';
var emailBody = 'Hi,' + '\n' + '\n' + 'Here are the behaviors I am committed to practicing for the next 30 days: '+ commitments + '\n' + '\n' + 'Thank you,' + '\n' + '\n';

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Michael Hinze

Maybe this older thread here helps. It discussed making sure that a user selects exactly a certain number of choices and then create a list of these choices. If that approach works for you then you could simply your Javascript to only concatenating three variables, because they will never be empty.