How to control the users' movement when clicking on a standard Storyline check box

Feb 15, 2016

I'm using Storyline's built-in check boxes to track the progression of a users' movement. The story is to have them click on external links read the articles or view the videos and come back to Storyline and check off that they understood what they read or viewed. Once they get to the last link the last check box only then should they be able to progress to the next page which will be an assessment page.

So my goal is to have the last check box have a trigger that will have a statement that will say unless "you must completed all of the check boxes above before continuing on to the next page".   Can someone help me build this trigger with variable? 

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Bret Jorgensen

Hi Maree, 

Each of your checkboxes should have a normal, hover, and selected state. When the user has not checked them, they would have a normal state, and the user could then check them off (i.e selected state). In Storyline 2, it is possible to tie a player navigation button to a trigger and add conditions that need to be met - in this case, all of the check boxes must be selected. See screenshot hide_next_button.png

You would need to also add a trigger to set the initial state of the next button to hidden. See attached change_state_next_button.png

So in order: 1- Add trigger to hide the next button. 2- Create trigger to change the state of the next button to normal when the state on all of the check boxes is selected.

The questionable part here is that your users would still be able to simply check the boxes and then continue to the assessment, but they most likely wouldn't do very well if they hadn't actually reviewed the content.

That said, you could use trigger to change the state of the checkbox to visited when the user clicks on the text box containing the list and assume the user is also following that link. This works if it is okay to just have your users 'say' that they visited the site.

Hope this helps.

Jon DeGroot

Hi Maree,

Given that you'd like to have a statement appear that asks the learner to complete all
areas before proceeding, you could create a layer with that message and then trigger it to appear when the user clicks the next button if the state of any of the check boxes is still normal (not selected).

I've attached a quick sample in case you're interested.

I'd be happy to explain it further if needed!

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