How to create a “case study” based multiple choice exams.


I am looking for a way to create a long “case study” based questions in Storyline or Quizmaker with three alternative answers all very long having 20 – 200 words and sometimes including also pictures/PDF documents. I was just thinking about is it possible open a new layer, above each three selection (hoovering) showing the text of the particular answer or is the drop box better or….? For that we have a huge set of questions that are in Word format. It would be nice if you could support me with your ideas. Maybe you know better solution…. Storyline or Quizmaker?


Reijo Stenman

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Reijo,

Personally I would choose Storyline to create this in as it has a bit more ability to customize and do things like create the Lightbox effect you're describing. I haven't set up a question like this before, but I think doing a "Pick one" freeform quiz would allow you a lot of flexibility. You could either show the answers as a Lightbox layer, or place them in a marker so that when you hover over them you'd get to see all the options. 

There may be someone in the community who has done similiar, so I'll keep my eyes peeled as I work through the forums. If you have an example that you've started to share here, that may also spur some additional conversation - and if you haven't yet, you could also post in the  Building Better Courses forum.