How to create a workload calculator

Nov 21, 2013

I need to create an interactivity in which participants can add up the number of hours they spend on various activities and then see how much time they have left for their studies. Can anyone suggest a cunning way of doing this? My only solution was to embed a google spreadsheet, but that doesn't seem ideal.

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Jean Jacoby

Michael Hinze said:

You can certainly build a calculator in Storyline or display a JavaScript-based calculator. Here is a thread that shows one example. Maybe you can post some more info (formula, layout, categories of hours) so that someone in the community can help you get started.

Thanks for the link and for replying so quickly! At least I know it *can* be done, although figuring out the how will be a challenge. I've attached an excel spreadsheet showing the basic idea for the calculator - students add up their work/social/family commitments, subtract from 24 and see if they have enough left to fit in the credit hours for their course. If there was someone in the community willing to lead a novice through this process I would be eternally grateful!

Michael Hinze

Hi Jean,

here is a quick mockup, based on your spreadsheet. I put in the logic for one day (Monday). I used text entry boxes for the hour inputs and organized the 'math' to calculate the total on a separate layer. Also, there is a red indicator if the total number of hours exceeds 24. Hope that gets you started, see attached source file.

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