How to create/add chatbot in articulate storyline or rise?

Jun 07, 2021

Could you please guide me and explain on the below two questions.

1) How many types of chatbots are there? 
2) How to add chatbot into LMS packages with free of cost?

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Math Notermans

As Walt already states.. a lot. Your best bet is some Javascript chatbot as that is easiest to implement. Or a embedded HTML Object /WebObject...

Some examples:

And checking and searching for Chatbot tools i ran into this one.

Really cool solution for checking things. If this library can properly be trained to detect proper answers in 'Open ended Questions' then that is great.

s amer


Just came across this post.

My client wants to embed chatbot in storyline for their LMS.

I am just looking at including a chatbot as a webobject, for quick and easy implementation.

(As I think the embedding option is still a way off!)

I can't find any obvious issues with this, is there anything I should be aware of?

any help gratefully appreciated.