How to create and debug Javascripts (outside Storyline)?

Jan 09, 2014

I like to use Javascripts in storyline. To develop Javascript I would love to use a Javascript editor to debug and test my scripts before import them to storyline.


I don’t want to write html but just a simple Javascript and see some output on the console. I search the web for possibilities, but somehow I can't find a simple editor for standalone Javascript.


Most Java developers say Eclipse is the best option. I tried for a day now to get it working, but I can’t get the last step right. I feel like I am almost there, but failed to implement these solutions: (missing javascript-runner.jar file)

and (error in eclipse while running)


Does anyone have a solution or knows an easy editor??


Thanks alot

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Paul Kornman

You might take a look at the Javascript test environment that w3schools uses (the TryIt editor).

Example page for if-then statements:

They provide a basic, simple HTML structure with a button that runs code.

You can change to code to anything you want.

You can't debug, per se. But, you can always add 'alert' statements to give you feedback.

Good luck and welcome to the Forum,

Paul K.

Marcel Lendi

Thanks Paul and Ashley,

After a day browsing, installing and deinstalling software, I found something simular as you suggested, Paul. It was right under my nose: the codeacademy also has a work space for testing java:

A very simple and clean testing enviroment. Maybe a suggestion to put a link to this site on the storyline webpage?


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