How to create detailed question-wise scorecard for any multiple choice type of quiz?

Feb 26, 2015

Result slide displays total score and score percentage.

Is there any way to create a detailed scorecard with Question number, correct option and selected option. All this in one slide.

So, basically review of all the questions in one single result slide.

(Also, is there any option for the user to compulsory attempt all the questions.)

Thanks :)

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Emily Ruby

Hello PS,

You could set something like this up to have it all appear on the results slide. It would take adding variables, then using references to them on the results slide. I have attached a sample file. It may be a lot depending on how many questions you have.

I am sure there are other ways to achieve this, and other members may chime in :)

If you do need them to take all of the in order to get through the course, you can make them all have a submit button, which will not allow the to go to the next slide until they have answered. You can also set the course to restricted if you want them to not be able to jump over slides.


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