Variable to pull in a score from a freeform question?

Aug 17, 2023


(1) What variable can I create to pull in a score from a freeform question? 

(2) Could I put the variable into another slide (customized results slide) to pull the score from each separate question into a scorecard?

Looking for help.  Appreciate any guidance.

Thank you!

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Judy Nollet

This might work for you:

  • For each question, create a T/F variable to track whether the question was answered correctly or not. Have the default value be False (for "incorrect").
  • On each question slide, adjust the variable based on how the user answered. 
    • If you're using the built-in Feedback, add a trigger to the Correct layer that adjusts the corresponding variable to True. 
    • If you're not giving Feedback, add a trigger that adjusts the corresponding variable to True with the condition that the correct item(s) = Selected. The trigger should be attached to whatever the user clicks to submit their answer.
      • Note: Such a trigger must come before any trigger that jumps to another slide. 

For showing results, change the states of objects using triggers with conditions that check the values of the variables. 

  • Note: If you want to submit results to an LMS, you do need to use a Graded Results Slide. However, you can customize it to show the results in whatever way you want.

If you don't already know how to use trigger conditions and variables, it's worth it to learn. They provide the real power in Storyline. Here are some User Guide articles to get you started: 

Jose Tansengco

Hello Dana, 

Happy to help!

There isn't a way to pull individual scores from slides, but you can check out all of the available built-in variables that you can reference here: 

I also found this video which shows how you can reference a quiz score in real time and display the score on the slide. 

I'll let other members of the community chime in so they can share other possible solutions that worked for them!