How to create exact line spacing in Storyline

May 17, 2012

I'm using Demo version of Storyline. When I try to get exact Line Spacing Options, that choice is not available in Line Spacing pull down list, just 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 and 3.0.  Does Storyline have this option?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there! Are you looking to change the leading between lines of text in a paragraph? Currently that's not a feature that Storyline offers, but it would make a great feature request!

If you are only working with two or three lines of text, you could break the text into separate textboxes so that you have total control over their position. If you go that route, I'd recommend setting your zoom percentage in the lower-right of your Storyline window to 100% while positioning your text... this will give you the most accurate representation in editing view of the way the text will look once it's published.

Sarah Ednay


Yes I noticed that too. I agree that more customisable Line Spacing options would be good ...  welcome as a feature request for the next version. It can just be helpful at times for things like text in thought bubbles or shapes or tables or the balance of text in a space. For what I wanted at the time I just created what I needed in Powerpoint and inserted it as a graphic. But that wouldn't always suit.

Gerry Wasiluk

For spacing between paragraphs I do this workaround.  Have a blank line between paragraphs and then change the font size for that blank line to something smaller.  Even though the font size drop-down only goes down to 8 point, you can enter a smaller value.  Pretty quick and easy. 

You probably could also do that to do spacing between lines in a paragraph.

Some new capabilities here would be great.

Jeanette Brooks

You're right Cath - manually inserting an extra paragraph in between numbered paragraphs will restart the numbering. Right now the text editing tools in Storyline don't support all the things you might be used to seeing in PowerPoint, but we're working on improving that. Stay tuned! In the meantime, we would love it if you could submit a feature request to our dev team to express what text-editing features you feel are important. Thanks!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Raymond! One way to manage that would be to do this:

  1. Draw a button but don't enter any text on it.
  2. Create some textboxes on top of your button and format them the way you like (in your case, you could create separate textboxes and adjust the spacing between so that they are tight).
  3. Once they look the way you want, select the textboxes and do a Ctrl-X to cut them.
  4. Select the button and click Edit States. Select the Normal state and add them to the button there. Then paste them into the other states as well.

I think this will give you the look you want, because the textboxes become part of each state and you aren't relying on the text-editing properties of the button itself. Just be aware, however, that this could end up being more work to manage, i.e., any time you need to edit the button text, you would need to open the states panel and edit it on each state individually, which could be kind of a pain.

Hope that at least gives you a possibility of a workaround though!   Here's an example of what it could look like, and I attached the file too in case you want to see how the states look.

Brett Rockwood

I hope everyone will submit feature requests for this and other text handling features. Not to rant but the ones I'm hoping that are addressed ASAP include line spacing (leading), custom paragraph spacing, adding tab functionality, proper bullet and numbering options, tables, fixing issues with some characters not working (e.g., em dashes — ), and hyphenation (though I'm not expecting this — PPT doens't have it either).

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