How to Create Quiz using Keyboard to Select Answers (not mouse)

Hello, I use Articulate Storyline 2 and have created a short quiz using true/false and multiple choice questions. I would like to set the quiz up so that participants can choose their answer(s) using keyboard only - not the mouse. How do I do this? (eg, press number 1 key to select answer number 1).

With thanks in advance for your help!

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Alexa Vodicka

Hello Phil,

Thank you for your prompt reply yesterday and for explaining how to apply this function - it worked like a charm for the true-false questions!

A few more questions please:
1. I applied the same function to the multiple choice questions (eg, I ordered each answer chronologically and assigned corresponding number-selction keys chronogically) but the order doesn't seem to take effect when I "Preview" the webinar. How do I ensure the answer-selection will function correspondingly?
2. For one of the true or false questions as soon as I press "1" key for True, the slide immediately advances; for another slide, as soon as I press "1" key for "True" an error message appears "you must select an answer to advance". How do I remove this error message? (I didn't create this trigger so it's not appearing in the trigger window...)
3. All questions must be answered to receive a score. How do I assign a condition "must complete question in order to advance to the next slide"?  (in other words, Q2 is doing what I need to create when people try to advance)
4. In "Menu", can I change the font color to some of the menu items? (eg, Chapter titles, list in Blue; page/content slides list in Green?

I may not be describing using the correct language so I hope my questions make sense :-)

Thank you!


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alexa!  If you can attach your .story file here, it will be super helpful for folks to give you specific help on your setup.  Just use the Add Attachment button in the discussion.

1.  I noticed that for your 3rd checkbox trigger in the screenshot that you had the Tab key as the trigger rather than 3.  Was that the one that was giving you trouble?

2.  You might need to click or tab onto that slide for your keypress trigger to work, as Phil suggested.  If we can have a look at your project file, we can find out for sure what's happening.

3.  Most question types have this functionality built into them.  For multiple choice, for example, the submit button won't work until a choice is selected.  Do you have the Next button enabled on any of these slides?  You can consider removing any navigational buttons and just have the submit button which will check for selected answers.

4.  Here's a job aid of the different player items on which you can edit the color!

I hope that helps, and feel free to share your project file so we can have a closer look.  Sounds like you're really coming along!

Alexa Vodicka

Hi Crystal!

1. Good eye! Switching from "tab" to "3" key now enables all 5 options to be selected. The next error on this (and maybe any multiple choice question) is that the order of the answers is random each time I preview the slide. Is there a way I can keep the answers in the same order?

2. Attached is the file; if you could take a look it will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

3. I removed "prev" and "next", mainly b/c I'm trying to create this for viewers with disabilities (hence, removing usage of mouse). I'll try adding the submit button with ability for users to select submit using keyboard. Do I apply "submit" at the the bottom of every quiz page?

4. Super, I now see where to control colors - thank you!

A new question:

5. In Player > Menu, one of my slides wasn't playing nor showing up in table of contents/menu. I've inserted it, but a number wasn't automatically assigned. Do I have to do this manually or is there a way to have it auto-update? Attached is screen shot - it's what should be displayed as page 1.42 "What are the three key factors..."

Thank you!


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Alexa,

1. Take a look at your question in Form View and you will see the setting for shuffling the answers:

Sounds like you are wanting to set that to None.

2. I see the behavior you are reporting on slide 1.4 when selecting 2 for False:

As you can see from the triggers, you are not 'selecting' false prior to submitting the interaction, so that's why you are seeing the error.

3. Taking a look at your course, you could also add a submit interaction trigger to happen prior to the user hitting the right arrow to proceed:

4. Glad to hear you're good to go!

5. Not sure how that may have happened, but a quick reset from story should fix that up for you.

Player Properties > Menu > Reset from Story icon in the lower right.