How to disable "NEXT" button

Feb 18, 2016

How do we configure such that if the learner fails, the NEXT button is hidden from view, or at least “disabled”. But if learner retries and passes, that the NEXT button then shows up to congratulate him for passing the module? Thanks.

PS+ My whole module with all questions work fine. Shows Congrats message when learner pass and a "Try again" when learner fails. Love Articulate Storyline! Its just this last part of preventing learner from clicking "Next" if he fails... that I need help in figuring out. Hope someone shares advice. 

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Scott Thacher

Hello Benedict!

You can use a Trigger to manipulate the Next button between the Normal, Hidden, or Disabled states (see attached screen capture.) Try using a variable that gets set to a “pass” value on each screen when the learner answers correctly. Start each screen with the variable reset to a “fail” value, then use Triggers to 1) set the variable to “pass” upon selection of the correct answer, and 2) reveal the Next button when the variable is set to “pass.” Hope this sets you in the right direction!

Benedict Chia

Hi Yusuf, your file works perfectly. For newbie like me, having a working file is immensely helpful. If you don't mind, I'll like to know how you added conditions to the "Next" button. @Wendy and @scott also gave advice but I can't figure it out yet. Ps+ this articulate community is great! 👍 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Benedict -- So glad Wendy, one of our awesome Heroes, was able to save the day! :) And as you mentioned that you are new to Storyline, I thought I'd take a moment to share some really cool resources to help you get more familiar: Getting Started with Storyline 2, and the Beginner's Guide To E-Learning. You may also find this e-book to be helpful, as well: Go from Zero to E-Learning Hero with Our New E-Book for Beginners. : )

Benedict Chia

Hi Wendy, your method works great. I used percentage and it works well too. Problem solved. But I noticed a quirk, need your advise. The "Summary / Congrats" page that I want hidden until learner passes the test is always available from the side menu (see attached). If a learner navigates via the side panel, he/she can jump direct to the "Summary /Congrats" page without passing the module. Any way to go about this? 

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