How to disconnect slide master slides

Aug 09, 2019

Hi there. I've been using Rise so much that working in Storyline feels hard! :) I know it's not.

I'm rebuilding a presentation from a couple years ago because a good number of the elements will remain the same. I have been trying to remove the connection to a certain slide master and nothing is working. Additionally, the slide master is a mess. I obviously don't know what I'm doing because it has a dozen sets of slides in it. I wanted to look at using another slide master, but nothing I do is working. It just keeps showing me the Fractals options I used. 

Any suggestions on how to delete and disconnect and start over?

Thanks very much!

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David Anderson

Hi Cheryl - Before you can delete a slide master, you'll need to reassign another master layout to your slides.

In slide masters, you can hover over each slide layout to see how many slides are using each slide layout.

You can delete the slide layouts that aren't in use. For the slide layouts that are in use, you'll need to go back to slide view and reassign a different layout to them before you can delete the original master.

If you're having trouble finding which slides are still attached to the original master, go back into the master and add a big, bold-colored shape over the master slide. That will usually help you identify which slides are part of that master.

Cheryl Hoover

Thank you very much, David. I appreciate the suggestion and will remember that in the future!

It's been very time consuming because I've got triplicates and more of one template set in there. I can't imagine how I got ten sets of the same fractal template in my slide master, but it's just too much to troubleshoot. I decided to copy over some of the triggers/text/images and start fresh. Thanks again very much.

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