Master slides freezing - Anyone else having this issue?

Howdy, folks

The following issue has been going on (for me, at least) for a while now and I'm curious as to whether anyone else is also experiencing it:

* Master Slides (Main slides and Feedback masters) "freezing" / becoming non-selectable

Sometimes when I create a new master layout or duplicate a layout, I can't then switch between layouts while in the master view.

For example: I duplicate a slide because I want it to be the same except for one or two elements. However, when I try to click to the new master -- or any other master for that matter -- nothing happens. I'm stuck.

I've tried the following, with inconsistent degrees of success:

  1. Close the Master View >>> re-enter
  2. Close Storyline file I'm working on >>> re-open
  3. Close Storyline completely >>> re-open; re-open file I was working on

The inconsistency I refer to is that sometimes  option #1 works; sometimes it doesn't. Mostly, option #2 works; sometimes it doesn't. Generally option #3 works, but it's pretty annoying to have to go that far. (Even Option #2 is irritating).


  • Is anyone else having this problem? If so, do you know how to avoid it and/or deal with it when it occurs?
  • Is it a known issue? If so, when is likely to be addressed?

Thanks very much,


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Victoria Aleman

I've experienced this with Storyline 1 and now that I have SL2, I'm experiencing it again.  Same situation - duplicate Master layout, then it freezes not allowing me to click on other layouts in Slide Master view.

I'm setting up a template and know that I need 6 sets of different Master Slide layouts.  After inserting the 5th set, it will not allow me to move to any other slide layout in Slide Master view.

I'm going to start over again with a new file since I'm at the beginning, but this is really frustrating because other people are waiting on me to get this template set up.

Victoria Aleman

Thanks, Chrisite.  I literally just finished "repairing" Storyline because of other erratic behavior before starting to set up those master slides.  While waiting for a response to my post, I restarted and every few actions I close out of Slide Master view to minimize this issue.

I'll reach out to the support staff.

Victoria Aleman

Thanks for letting me know that I should expect to hear from Abel on my case. 

I worked through the steps for unexpected/erratic behavior.  Began rebuilding the Master Slides again for the template I'm building. Storyline is behaving better, however, it still acted up by freezing once or twice. Closing out of Slide Master view fixed it.

Victoria Aleman

You're welcome.  I think it's someone else because I didn't end up submitting a support case after all. I started to, but decided to try the clean up .bat file.  He's probably been in touch with someone else.  I've not received an email from him since back in February or March.

El Burgaluva

Interesting that this post has been resurrected 3 years since I first made it because JUST TODAY I discovered that this issue STILL hasn't been addressed.

I created a new project and set up some master slides. I need the same layouts in three different colours. Right-click, "duplicate master"... everything went haywire.

I couldn't even restart Storyline (Option #3, which used to work) without it acting silly and only showing the bottom half of the program (the top half was one big grey zone). I had to shut down everything I had open and restart my computer!

@staff.. please don't jump in and cheerily tell me to submit the file to Support. I did that three years ago.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Victoria -- My apologies for the confusion, and you're right, the case I mistakenly referenced was from a previous issue. It sounds like things have improved, so thank you for the update. 

And El Burgaluva, I am also sorry to hear that you are frustrated and are still experiencing issues, but the best course of action would be for you to work directly with our Support Engineers using this form