How to display an orderly list from a number of selected text variables?

May 06, 2016

There's a first time for everything, here's my first time posting a question on this forum :-).

Project information:
I'm working on a Storyline project that has over 30 text variables. Each text variable has eigher nothing assigned or a text string. By pressing some buttons a learner will ultimately select a smaller number of these variables (let's say in the range of 0-10). When selecting a variable it will have a text string assigned. When deselecting a variable nothing (e.g. a space) will be assigned. A variable may be toggled by pressing a button over and over again (probably pointless, but possible). So far so good.

During the selection proces a text box is visible to the learner. When hitting a button the corresponding text string should appear in text box, hitting the button again should remove the text string. Ultimately all text variables that have a text string assigned should be shown in the text box in an orderly manner. Either in a one column format, or separated using a separator (like a comma).

I've been able to more or less create the above but have trouble with getting an orderly list. In my current solution I have a text box with the all possible  variable names in the display notation (%variable_something%). The problem is when a learner has for example selected the first and last variable the corresponding text strings are shown but they are separated with a huge number of new lines (caused by the variables with no valid assignment).

The question:
Is there an elegant way to implement this so a learner gets a nicely ordered list of, e.g. 5 items, with no newlines in between? (and the list should be updated in real time).

I hope there's someone out there who can give me some directions on how to go about this. Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Geert,

Welcome and congrats on your first post! Not an easy one for sure. The orderly list is going to be tricky as you mentioned, you need to include all the variable elements and that can add a lot of extra space. 

You may also want to post this in the Building Better courses side of things and see if anyone can offer ideas in regards to the design or how to elements. 

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