How to do translation with the HTML5 published output of Storyline 360

May 15, 2018


I have HTML 5 published output of Storyline 360 from our client. Suggest if we could localize the course using the output by using HTML editor. As we do not have the source file. Please confirm if there is any possibility.



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Knut Jackowski

Hi Keerti,

sadly you will need the story file to change the course. This applies also to changing text.

Theoretically it would be possible, as it is all just some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but just changing the text will mess with the look of the text in very undesirable ways.

I have attached a zip with two SL outputs, one original (the german one) and one where I changed/translated the only sentence of this example by editing the files of the output of the first one.

After just changing the text, the slide looks like this:

Best regards,


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