How to either print results of essay question or allow user to copy text

Greetings - 

I have an activity with 20 essay questions. After the student answers all questions, I put the questions, student responses, and "expert" responses into a scrolling text field, allowing the student to review. 

We would like the student to be able to print this text to a PDF, or at least be able to copy the text so that he/she can paste it into into a Word document. 

I do not know javasript. 

Any suggestions? (I am using Storyline 2.)

Thank you!


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Amy,

You could use this approach to create a workbook that could be printed. It's not a PDF, but it might be sufficient. Don't worry, you don't need to know JavaScript to set it up... just follow the steps!

Alternatively, you could put a text entry field on the slide and set it up to use the same variable that was used for the original question. Then the text should show up in a way that it is copyable.

Amy Nicholson

Thank you Matthew - a couple of months back I tried that workbook, with no luck. Now I'm in a jam (coworker was going to build this for me and now has no time). 

As for your second suggestion, that I believe is what I have:  text field with some preset text and then a bunch of variables that hold the student responses. Unfortunately,  the text is not copyable. I need to find a way to export that text, or make it copyable. Or ... perhaps I can get your workbook going.