How to enable Replay on a slide with "resume saved state"

Apr 01, 2020

Hi folks,

I had a customer that wanted to use the "Resume saved state" and wanted a Replay button. As already mentioned in several topics, it is not possible to use the replay function (Jump to slide > This slide) when "Resume saved state is activated. As the customer insisted that they would like to be able to replay the slide, I started looking for a workaround which I found.

Here is the solution:

  • Create the slide (including interactivity if you want) and make sure "resume saved state" is activated.
  • Add a Cue Point at the beginning of the Time line (or anywhere from where you would like to replay the slide)
  • Create a replay Button and add the trigger "Jump to cue point". This will cause the slide to jump to the que point (it will not start playing)
  • Now add the trigger "Resume Timeline > When Timeline reaches cue point".
  • When the user clicks on the "Replay button" it will jump to the cue point and start playing.

MC Question:

If you have a Freeform MC question (without a result slide) the given answer will remain as they are. If you want that the answers are set back to the original state you need to add triggers on the replay button (Change state > Normal).

 Be aware: The trigger "jump to cue point" will only work in HTML5 mode!!!

I hope this helps people that want to use the "resume saved state" function and be able to use the replay function.

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