Resume Saved State and Replay Button

Jul 21, 2016

I have a custom replay button that when the user clicks jumps to the beginning of the current slide, starting it over. However, I also want to have the timeline resume if the user leaves the slide and comes back later. So I changed the setting to resume saved state. But then, my replay button (which jumps to slide) doesn't work, because it's resuming from the saved state per the setting instead of starting from the beginning. A simple fix would be to have that replay button jump to a cue point at the beginning of the timeline, but that trigger doesn't exist. I'm wondering if anyone has a workaround? Thanks!

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michelle broyles

No can do - it's confidential. But it can be recreated really easily by putting a button on any slide with a trigger that says jump to slide [the slide you're on] when user clicks and then changing the setting to resume saved state. You'll see that when you click that button, it behaves just as if you were jumping to that slide from another, and resuming the spot when you left (which defeats the whole purpose of the replay button). Sorry, it's a little hard to explain.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Michelle -- Thanks for your patience and my apologies, but I don't seem to be able to recreate what you are describing. Could you share a generic sample file that does not contain confidential information to illustrate this behavior? You can send that along to me privately via this form if you would prefer.

Monica Jackson


I believe have a similar issue. I have a slide with the revisiting state set to "resume saved state" which works as intended. I also have a variable to disable the initial audio upon moving through the layers on this slide and returning. The issue is that if the learner clicks the replay/rewind button or replays the scene, it never allows the slide to replay the initial state of the audio, only the saved state. It would be nice to have a trigger to allow the revisiting state (and the other options) to be changed. The workaround was to add a button to replay the initial audio and use SL's built-in player for the replay functionality.

Wondering how others have handled and addressed this limitation/scenario.


Bobby Garcia

I haven't read any successful solutions recently so I thought I'd submit what I did:

  • Create a variable at the end of the slide (complete01)
  • Create a cue point at the beginning of the slide
  • Ensure slide property is set to "Resume saved state"
  • Set trigger "Jump to cue point (Cue point #1) on this slide When the timeline starts on this slide If complete01 = value True Play timeline

First run through plays fine, and when I revisit the slide it starts from the beginning.