How to export Storyline responses as a text file into Moodle?


   I need a means to enable my students to download a copy of their responses to an online video case study tutorial,

built using Storyline and displayed as a Scorm 1.2 activity in the Moodle Virtual Learning Envionment (VLE) .

So far I have got to the stage where on pressing the  'Download your Answers' button on the tutorial (please

see screenshot 1 attached) I can export these answers as a text file stored on the c: drive using javascript

(again please see attached).

However whilst this works on my PC, because it involves ActiveX it is blocked on the other PCs where I work

so rather than sending the text file to the c drive of the specific user completing it, is there a way to ammend

this javascript so that the output 'StudentAnswers' text file appears as a file in the same Moodle course as that where the tutorial itself is embedded?

Any help with enabling me to progress this much appreciated!

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