How to export the silent video from recorded simulation slides?


I have recorded a simulation with Storyline and inserted it into the Storyline in the step-by-step format, then added some changes to slides and want to export it again as a video. When I publish as a video -  it inserts sounds of mouseclick. I would like to export a completely silent video, however I do not see the controls where to do it (in the piblishing settings dialog only audio quality is discussed, but I cannot mute it).

I am a bit confused by this instruction:

-- I do not see mentioned Mute option nor Audio Volume anywhere.

Is it possible to export a mute video post-factum?

In this video it is told that setting cursor to None will remove the sound.

But can you apply it to all slide at once. not going over each of them?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Irina,

If you've made changes to a step by step recording, those changes won't carry over to the Video export of a screen recording. Perhaps instead if you're using Storyline 360 you could look at publishing to Video? 

For the mouse actions or clicks, you can remove that when initially adding in the step by step recording, otherwise you'll need to remove it slide by slide.