How to find a good Storyline developer? Any tips or ideas?

Jul 29, 2012

Hi All,

I am a university professor (with a PhD in instructional design for online learning) who specializes in aviation safety m- and e-learning.  I have a good idea about what makes e-learning effective, but limited skills as far as using programs like storyline.

I have written a few courses that are storyboarded and ready to be "built" and am unsure whether I should work at it myself, or hire a freelancer.  I have worked at building a course a bit, but find that it takes time away from the research and writing I need to do (which is my bread and butter).

I was hoping others could suggest how to identify a "good" freelancer - how do you find them?  How much should I expect to pay?  Are most freelancers able to build courses in all disciplines or do some specialize in areas (such as aviation)?

I am very new to all this and truly appreciate any advice or feedback that could be passed along.



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