How to find master slides being used?

Sep 24, 2012

In the slide master if you mouse over any of the slides a pop-up shows how many slides are using the slide layout.  How do you find out which slides are using a specific layout?  I have some duplicate slides in my slide master and some of them are only used once by a slide.  I want to find that one slide and change the layout so I can get rid of the duplicate in the slide layout.

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Sandy Pobst

Glad to see some tips here on how to find that 1 elusive slide layout using the wrong slide master! Thanks to those who posted.

This (multiple versions of the same slide master) is still a huge annoyance. Every time I import a slide into a project, it brings the entire slide master with it, even though the slides are using the same slide master template/names. It may not affect functionality, but it can affect consistency if someone imports a slide from an old layout that has been updated elsewhere. I've added my 2c with a feature request, but since the first post is 9 years old.... not holding my breath.

Karen Alveston

Hello all. I have been having the same issue everyone here has been talking about for the past 8 years, but now in my most recent project, it has expanded into the Feedback Master! I may be the only Storyline developer who didn't know that all slide layers use the Feedback Master blank layout by default. So when I wanted to clean up my master slides, I could not delete several feedback masters because some layer somewhere in my course was using that master's blank layout. That elusive message "Layout Blank being used by 1 slide" is killing me! ha ha

Articulate 360 - Storyline: Slide Layers Use the Feedback Master Blank Layout by Default - Articulate Support