How to force learners to visit all layers before NEXT button is enabled?

Jul 12, 2021

I have a slide that features an email.  I want the learner to find and select 4 different "problem" areas of the email.

I have set up layers.  Learner selects one problem area, they are directed to a layer with reinforcement about why they are correct.  They then select a return "button" to go back to the base layer to find and select another problem area of the email.

I have disabled the next button when timeline starts, and then set up an object trigger that changes state of the next button to normal when the state of all the rectangles the learner selects are visited.  

Everything is working except I cannot get the Next button to re-enable with the selection of all the objects on the base layer. 

Any ideas of what I may be missing? 

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Christine,

Here's my post about controlling the Next button: 

Perhaps you'll find the info you need there. If not, I suggest you post a .story file with the problem slide. That would make it easier for someone to troubleshoot.

Walt Hamilton

"When state of XX is ..." is flakey and limited. Depending on what all else is going on, four "Visited" buttons may exceed SL's ability to keep track of when they turn to Visited.

I would add a trigger to each of the "Return" buttons:

Change the state of Next to Normal when learner clicks Return if all of Error Rectangles = Visited.