How to Gain Experience with Articulate Storyline

Jan 06, 2015

Hi all.  I currently work in a higher education institution that does not use Articulate, Captivate or anything else that I want to learn as I seek to transition into Instructional Design/Technology.  Beyond taking advantage of the 30-day trial, any suggestions as to how I can find someplace where I could volunteer or do something like a 5-10 hour/week internship (I work f/t and am taking classes in e-learning through NC State) in order to gain experience with these programs?  I have the teaching/training experience but lack the hands-on technical experience (though I am an extremely quick and motivated learner).



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Caryn,

I don't know of any places in terms of volunteering or an internship, although you may be able to find more information on that in the Building Better Courses forum. 

In addition to that you may want to participate in the live demos offered here, or keep an eye on the calendar for events that may be near you. You could also look at testing out your hand at building courses by participating in the ELearning Challenges that are posted here by our Community team. 

david mckisick

Hello Caryn. The best way to get experience with Storyline development, is to develop in Storyline. Again, and again, and then again. Get as much feedback as you possibly can from all your friends and peers each time so that you can get better. Starting out with the 30 day trial is a good place, but eventually, you will need to purchase a license if you want to get into this full time, or work for a firm that uses Storyline to develop elearning content as a developer. I have known a few places that usually have no issue with hiring a training professional with classroom and ISD developer experience in elearning tools like Storyline. However, if you have no experience with any of those things, then it is probably a good idea to get a portfolio out on the web with projects you created for elearning on your own time or for classes.

Caryn Atwater

Thank you Ashley, Ant and David for your advice and suggestions!  Ant- thank you for sending the Youtube link; what a great resource! David- I'm not in a position to purchase a license for myself but hope that I can find a firm or organization that uses it and somehow create an opportunity wherein I could learn from them.  I have a website that has a few things I've done for both the classes I teach and those I have taken through NC State but nothing utilizing Storyline.  I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

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