How to get back to story after completing a survey on Survey Monkey

Jan 26, 2015

I see LOTS of really good help for getting learners to a Survey Monkey survey. I can't find anything about how to get back to the story after completing the survey. Can anyone advise? 

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Mac McLemore

Either my question was missunderstood or I am completely missunderstanding your replies.

To clarify my original inquiry, I have built a Storyline elearning lesson story that, near the end, has a button, that when clicked, links to a survey on Survey Monkey. What I am trying to figure out is, once the learner has completed the survey, how can I get that learner back to the Storyline lesson. As this is still an experiment, I am using the FREE version of Survey Monkey. In building my survey there, I see no way to link back to any other site. The only thing I can think of is to instruct the learner to close (or "X out of) the Survey Monkey browser window. My biggest problem with that is that I have to give these instructions BEFORE they hit the link and go to the Sur Monk site and hope they remember what to do when the time comes. I'm just figuring someone, somewhere has incorporated a Survey Monkey link into a Storyline lesson. I'm hoping they found a way to get from Survey Monkey back to their Storyline lesson or, at least back to  the LMS hosting the lesson. I can find no way to do so myself. Have I just made my question more confusing or can someone advise? I have uploaded a sample of the quiz at the end of the lesson, including link to survey.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mac!

This is what I am referring to:

Web objects are a powerful way to leverage web-based resources by embedding them right in your Articulate Storyline courses. To learn how to use web objects, see this tutorial.

The published file that you attached here did not work for me. If you need further assistance, would you please share the .story file that you are working with.
Viviane Frenette

I have a question.  I'm creating a stand-alone quiz that our users need to take to pass our instructor-led class.

I was wondering if its possible to add a web object (survey monkey link)  after the last question but before the results slide?  The thinking behind it is the student will need to answer the survey before he/she gets the final score.

What's the best way to go about that?

I'm using SL2.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Viviane,

You are certainly able to add in a web object to your course if you wish, but this is outside of your actual course, so requiring it would need to lie within your course. Even a navigation restriction that does not allow the user to proceed to the final slide prior to opening the web object could work.

I'll let the community chime in with their ideas and best practices on how to best set that up.

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