How to get Error Message to Pop Up Drag and Drop

Oct 27, 2023

I am creating a drag and drop slide where students sort pipe into one of three categories based on the level of corrosion present.

I want an error message to pop up when the pipe is dropped onto the wrong box.

Currently, the pipe will return to its original position when dropped on the wrong box.

When I add a trigger to display the "incorrect" layer, all of a sudden the pipe no longer returns to its original position. Also, for some reason the next pipe to sort appears in the center as well (I have them set to appear one at a time).

I'd love any assistance in making this work as I haven't been able to figure it out.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Sarah, 

Happy to help! 

One simple trick that you can do is to add a 'Jump to slide' trigger in your incorrect layer to redirect the learner back to the slide when they get an incorrect answer.

Paired with the 'Reset to initial state' revisit behavior, this action will reset the positions of the drag objects back to their initial states each time a learner gets an incorrect answer. Note however that this will also reset the answers of previously answered objects. I've attached a sample project file so you can test this behavior out. 

I'll also let other members of the community chime in with their own solutions so you can select which one works best for you!

Michael Gallagher

Hi Sarah,

You can make the Incorrect layer appear based on the state of the dropped item. For each pipe you need to create a state "Drop Incorrect". Once you have that state for each pipe, you can add an object trigger to a pipe that states [Show layer incorrect > When the state of (pipe object) is Drop Incorrect]. Then, on the Incorrect layer you have to add a trigger that states [Set state of (pipe object) to Normal when the timeline ends on layer incorrect if the state of (pipe object) if the state of  (pipe object)  = Drop Incorrect] The layer "Incorrect" should be set to "Hide slide layer when timeline finishes" in the Slide layer properties. The attachment has a new scene with a working model.

Sarah Enriquez Wiley

Thanks. I've used this trick before with other slides to great affect. It's tricky with this slide because there are so many objects and I don't want the entire slide to reset each time they get something wrong. Michael's solution below works perfectly for this instance! I still don't 100% understand why the way I was doing it doesn't work, but am glad to have a working model and template for future similar interactions.