How to hide a swf object using a trigger?

Jan 07, 2014


Curious to know how to hide this? 

My idea is to use a pulsing orb swf object on an image to draw attention since we can't do blink effects in SL. When the user will click on the orb (swf object) it has to disappear to show the object that requires an action i.e. a lock that needs to be unlocked.


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Gerry Wasiluk

That's tough since you can't change the state of SWFs.

Here's one idea.

Put the SWF orb on a separate layer.  When the slide opens, have that layer show over your base (sometimes you have to delay this by a second or less).

Then put a hotspot over the SWF.  Edit the trigger for the hotspot to close the layer.

Would that work?

Michael Hinze

Karen, select your swf and press Ctrl+C (copy). Select the transparent object and click States > Edit States. Select the Normal State and press Crtl+V (paste). You should now see the swf as part of the Normal State. Position the swf as needed. Click Done Editing States. The swf is now part of the transparent object and responds to state changes. Hope that makes sense.

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