How to hide an audio on the layer keeping the text visible

Mar 13, 2019

Dear Articulate Community,

The thing is I have a slide (AS) with 4 layers + 1 Base layer (on the base layer there are 4 trigers to each of these layers).

Each layer has an audio and the text. It is needed to hide the audio after a user clicks on the next triger (so they will not be played at the same time). For this reason I chose "Hide other slide layers" In Layer Properties and that worked perfectly. But it makes the text hidden as well.

The question is how to keep the text visible?

Your  help is much appreciated!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Phil! I'm not sure I'm following – could you explain a bit more? It sounds like Maryna's text and audio are all on layers. Can you explain what she should hide on the base layer? 


Hi, Maryna! It sounds like you want to display all the text from the layers on the slide, but you don't want the audio to overlap. 

I'm thinking it would be easier if you placed only the audio on the layers. Here's how I would set it up:

  1. Open a layer, right-click the text, and select Cut. Now the only thing that remains on the layers is the audio.
  2. Paste the text on the base layer. Repeat until you have done this for all layers. 
  3. Set the Initial State of the text to Hidden so it will not appear on the slide when the timeline starts.
  4. For each button, add two triggers:
    1. Change state of text box 1 to Normal when the user clicks Layer 1 button.
    2. Show Layer 1 when user clicks Layer 1 button. 
  5. Be sure the layer properties are set to Hide Other Slide Layers. This will pause the audio when a new layer is opened.

Give that a go, and let me know if you need extra help!

Crystal Horn

Hi Maryna! Glad you got it sorted. This is one of those scenarios where practice makes perfect. We have some great getting started tutorials for all of our products here. And Articulate 360 includes live online training (which is also recorded), including a Storyline Tips and Tricks series.

Otherwise, please keep posting in the community! This space is where we all learn together. 💙

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