how to hide the customized menu?

Jan 08, 2014

Hi All,

I created my own menu ( 6 boxes). I would like the following to happen:

  1.  Once it appears on each slide, I would like it to disappear after 3 secs landing on the page.
  2. If the mouse hovers in that section which I will create a little graphic for e.g. vertical side bar or something, the menu will animate in from the side (L). The user will then click menu and proceed to the page they want to go to and the same thing will be repeated on each 6 slides and their layers.

I have tried to group these items and create a trigger, but I can't because I can only hide the layer not the group. I think it is a bit stupid to hide each box after 3 secs or is this the only way?

The same goes having to hover on the menu reminder bar to let each one appear. 

Any insight will be appreciated.



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Simon Perkins

Ok, I've attached a demo that does the following:

  • Custom menu (comprising 6 boxes/buttons) that appear on each slide before disappearing after 3 seconds

  • If learner moves cursor over the area where any of these boxes/button were present, then menu will slide in (from the left), whereupon learner can click the relevant box/button and go to the respective slide

  • Repeat for each slide

Each slide works the same way.  The buttons appear on a layer called Menu, which is called at the start of each slide before fading out after 3 seconds.  The layer is then hidden.  A 99% transparent box lies in the same position as the 6 menu buttons on the slide layer, which activates the Menu layer if the cursor moves over it.  That's all there is to it.

If you have any questions then fire away.

Kai ...

Simon: Pretty straightforward, thanks!

One question though: In order  for me to grasp this and let it stay in my brain, can you tell me why you didn't place the menu buttons on the base layer? My idea is when the user visits that slide the menu should appear and then disappear after 3s as you displayed? 

Curious about the logic behind the thought process so I can learn


Simon Perkins

Layers are great for displaying elements that like to be treated independently of other stuff happening on the slide.  It means you can (more) easily call up different layers depending on what's happening, without any or too much interference on other elements.  In your example, I opted to have the menu buttons on a layer because they have their own behaviour, i.e they appear together at the same time, they disappear at the same time, and they each link to another slide.  They also re-appear each time the learner hovers over the 99% transparent area "beneath".  

Making use of layers is extremely powerful.  Sometimes it's complicated too.  But other times it's pretty simple (as above).

Kai ...

Lol! I actually rebuild this because I thought my file was corrupt. I will attach and you will see how weird it behaves or maybe i ma just not cool enough for SL

I have 2 issues stiil:

  1. I want the menu boxes to stay and not disappear after 3 s when the mouse is still hovering when the user has to choose a page to navigate to.
  2. My menu catcher doesn't seem to work.

Wish list:

  1. When the user goes from the main menu to each slide, I'd want that box the be in its 'selected state'
  2. When the menu appears I'd like the menu catcher to disappear.

NOTE: I looked at your file and the animation menu is different from mine. I am using the latest update 4? Could this be the problem perhaps?

See attached. I guess this is what happens when you don't sue SL often to hone those skills. 


Kai ...

Ashley Terwilliger said:

Hi Karen,

I'm glad you were able to troubleshoot some of the issues, but I'm not certain which is the one you're still working on. It may be my Friday afternoon brain...but if you're able to let us know I'm happy to take a look at what you've got set up. 

Hi Ashley,


I have got most of them as mentioned in my post.

these ones:

  1. I want the menu boxes to stay and not disappear after 3 s when the mouse is still hovering when the user has to choose a page to navigate to.

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