How to hide video playbar

Dec 14, 2016

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I am seeing it in one project but cant figure out how it was done.



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Luke Benfield

I don't believe there is an auto-hide feature for video controls. I could be wrong though.

One workaround could be to put a shape the same color as your background over the controls, and set up some triggers to change the state of that shape to hidden if the mouse hovers over a certain area. Add a fade effect to that shape, and you might be able to simulate an auto-hide effect.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tina,

Luke is correct - there isn't a way to hide that for video files you've inserted into Storyline. If you were using a web object embed from YouTube or similar, that often only shows the video control bar when you're hovering. I'd look into Luke's idea as that sounds like a easy workaround if it works for you!

Luke Benfield

Was it possible that a play bar with auto hide was built into the video file when it was rendered, and then it kept that feature when it was imported into Storyline?

I ask because the play bar in the hover.jpg screenshot doesn't look like the stock play bar in SL2. Can't remember what the bar looks like in SL360.