How to indicate to learner a section within a module is completed (not just visited) on the main menu?

Jan 26, 2016

I'm creating a course using STL 2.  My first time using SL to create a course.  The course is on required employee policies part of an initiative to put some of the new employee orientation online.  There are 3 policies in the module with each its own scene.  I set it up so that someone can take the policies in any order they want.  What I am trying to figure out is how to set it up so that there's an indication on the main menu (located in the introduction scene, which is a separate scene) that all of the slides have been viewed/interacted with in a policy section.  

I'm familiar with states but I just don't want someone to have visited, I want them to complete the section in order for the check mark indicator to appear.   At the same time I want the learner to be able to click anywhere else in the module except for a knowledge check at the end, which only appears after the 3 policy sections have been completed.

Any suggestions of how to do this?



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Judy Nollet

Here's how I handle that situation.

  • Create a T/F variable for each policy, initially set to False. For example, create variables Policy1Done, Policy2Done, and Policy3Done.
  • Put a trigger on the LAST slide of each policy scene that adjusts the corresponding variable to True. 
  • On the Menu slide, add a "DONE" state to the go-to-policy buttons. This would be the equivalent of "visited." Then change the state to DONE when the timeline starts IF the corresponding variable is True (i.e., if the learner reached the last slide about that policy).

These variables also make it easy to control when the learner can go to the knowledge check. Make that button active only when all 3 variables are True. 

Good luck!

Rachel Leigh

I set all of this up and it works well.  Can someone answer a follow-up question?  

I have narration on my main policy menu slide and after a user begins or completes one of the three sections, I don't want the audio to play again if they happen to click on the main menu (e.g., through the menu pane) but I'd like the ability for a learner to be able to replay the narration if they want.  

So, would the best way to set this is to create a trigger where the Action is Step Media; Media is my audio file name; When: Timeline starts; Object: my main menu slide?  It seems like I would have to create some variables and have a button on the slide named something like "replay narration"?  

If I wanted the narration not to replay only after one of the three sections is completed, I could just reuse existing variables in my new trigger and have the conditions be OR on all three of them but that's not the case as I also don't want the narration to replay automatically if a learner happens to click on the main policy menu while working on one of the sections but hasn't completed the section.  

Any ideas and considerations about the best way to set this up? 

Judy Nollet

This should work: Set the slide properties to "Resume saved state." When someone returns to the slide, the timeline will pick up where they left off -- which should be after the audio plays if they've been there before (assuming you make them listen to the whole thing before they can advance). You could also have a "Replay Narration" button appear when the timeline ends. 

Judy Nollet

For many slides, it doesn't matter, so I only set it to resume if it would be frustrating for the learner to have the timeline replay. Here's a reason: if the course is really long, the program could run out of memory if you make it remember a lot of saved states, which means the course itself might not resume at the proper spot if someone exits and restarts it. (I've never had that happen; an eLearning Super Hero told me about it.) 

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