How To Launch Adobe Captivate html5 with a Storyline 2 File?

Apr 28, 2017

I need to launch an Adobe Captivate 9 software simulation that I published as html5.

Can someone share the code or button command that opens the html5 simulation from a screen in Storyline 2.

I believe it is the multiscreen file that launches the SIM.
Just not sure how to launch it?


Thank you, 


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Rob Buchinski

Hello everyone.  Here is my working solution for launching a Captivate software-simulation from Articulate SL 2 on an LMS.

Step 1: Publish and upload the Software Simulation Captivate Html 5 files to your LMS.

Step 2: Locate and launch the"multiscreen.html file. Identify and copy its URL.

Step 3: In SL2 put the multiscreen.html URL into a web object.

Step 4: Put a web object in a new Layer.

Step 5: Create a button and trigger that opens Layer (and its web object.)


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