How to link the Player > Glossary tab to another .story file

Aug 17, 2023

We are working on a huge project where we are updating an entire curriculum of Storyline lessons that were previously built by another contractor.  The Glossary for the curriculum was a built in it's own Storyline module (.story file).

When looking at the published curriculum, each lesson module has the Glossary tab in the Player that launches that Glossary .story file.  However, when working in the lesson modules, I don't see anything in the Glossary section that shows a link nor do I see any options for adding a URL. In addition, I don't see any Triggers in the lesson that shows a link to to the Glossary.

I'm looking at the eLearning Heroes: Adding a Glossary but it only discusses building the Glossary or Importing/Exporting a CSV file. I don't see anything on how to link to another file.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


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Judy Nollet

The built-in Glossary doesn't allow for linking to a URL. 

However, you can add a link to the Resources tab. And you can edit the Player's Text Labels to rename that tab Glossary.

  • I'm guessing that's what was done in the lessons you have. If not, I suggest you upload the .story file. It'll be much easier for someone to troubleshoot with that.

Of course, the above trick only works if you aren't using the built-in Resources tab for other Resources. But if you do want to provide other links with a Resources tab, you could create a custom one. This post describes how to do that: TIP: Create Custom Player Tabs for Your Resources, Glossary, and More - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes 

Kimberly Lococo

Thank you so much Judy! That is EXACTLY what they did!

It is a custom tab. I kept going to the Glossary section looking for the link and couldn't find anything. After seeing your note, I went through the Player Tabs list, and sure enough there are 2 Glossary entries. When I double-clicked the entry in the list, it opened with the URL.  

Thank you again!  This site is the BEST for getting answers!