How to lock the quiz slides

Jun 29, 2016


My storyline project contains, course contents - 60 slides and quiz (60 qstns) part. While accessing the quiz part, if I clicked the slides from course contents it is navigating to that page. It should not move to the next slide before completing the entire assessment part. It should prompt the message that, "Please complete the assessment part then click the next slide". How to set the option for this. can anyone help me in this regard.



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Meera C

Yes I'm getting the same problem "when they are in a quiz they can move back to the content".  But what I want is, When I enter into the quiz part in my module-it should complete the assessment without skipping any question.after that only, it should allow me to click on the content slide/ other slides.

Herewith attached the presentation for your reference. Please find the same. Also in quiz part slide number is not coming proper. (when I clicked REVIEW button page numbers are coming proper.) Kindly provide solution for this as well.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Meera -- Thanks for reaching out, and first, may I ask if you have considered the following options for locking within your course? 

How to Restrict or Lock Navigation Throughout a Course

How to Temporarily Disable or Hide Navigation Buttons

And as far as your slide numbers not coming in properly, may I ask if you are testing the published output module in the environment where it will ultimately be accessed by learners to see if you are finding the same behavior?

Meera C

Hi Christie,

When I go with the 1st option, "How to Restrict or Lock Navigation Throughout a Course" Let us consider, I have 60 slides in my presentation 58th slide is my final assessment part which is the scored one. My course contacting 4 main topics, at the end of each topics I have added the intervention question, which is not the scored quiz.  Now I'm go through the module from the beginning and finally reach out the final quiz part, When I'm in quiz part if I click any of the content slide I'm able to move back to the content slide.

In Articulate studio'13, once we enter into the quiz part we can't come back to the content slide before completing the quiz. It will prompt the message, "Please complete the quiz first" Same like I'm looking for the option in storyline. In storyline, I'm able to go back to the content slide using menu bar while accessing quiz. Also the quiz number getting increased, when I go back to content slide to quiz.

Totally 20 question will display from the pool. but when I click quiz slide-content slide- again quiz slide, it will increase +1 in question number. And displaying it "21 out of 20".  When reviewing the quiz it displays correctly.

And the 2nd option, "How to Temporarily disable or hide navigation buttons" this is not helped for my requirement.

And after publishing also, I'm getting the same behavior.


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