Hiding quiz review buttons (Prev and Next)

Hi All,

I would like to know how to hide the quiz review built-in Prev and Next buttons (in the lower right corner of the player).

The buttons dont fit with my design and I would like to create my own. Additionally, these particular slides do not form part of the assessment in the course (so creating a T/F variable on quiz review slide will not work)

Many thanks

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Stephanie 

add triggers to the master slide layout the quiz questions use

change state of next button to hidden when timeline starts 

change state of prev button to hidden when timeline starts

if you still see a flicker try changing player button colours to blend with player background 


Jacqueline Silva


Thanks for this simple, easy-to-implement solution.

Regarding the flicker, the problem goes away when I remove the slide transitions, I do the same for the results slide. when revisited after failing, and then passing, the quiz. This prevents the brief flicker on Failure layer before displaying Success layer.