How to make a software simulation "pretty"?

Hey all. I'm working on a learning object that has hundreds of screenshots with hotspots that a user must click through to pass a quiz. The screenshots are all of a software package made by my company. Right now, I'm having each screenshot fill up the entire stage area, but it just seems to be lacking "pizzazz".

Any ideas on how I can make it more interesting? Maybe by not filling up the entire stage are with the screenshot?

Thanks for your ideas.

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Christian Clausen

Here's a quick solution, I did it in PowerPoint, but it could probably be done more pretty in Photoshop.

Basically what I did was paste the screen shot on a gradient background, shrunk slightly smaller than the screen size.

Changed the background to a gradient.

Slightly rounded the corners of the screenshot by cropping.

Added a subtle drop shadow.

Hope this helps!