How to make an Exit Quiz in Storyline

I know that there's an excellent tutorial on this somewhere, but the "search" feature is not working for me today. I need to make a "quiz" question that doesn't look like a quiz for course completion.

My set up is a course that some users can exit early and others need all of the content. I intend to branch to the exit slide or continued content slides based on user choice of job duties. Eventually everyone will get to the exit slide and click on the "quiz answer" that will complete the course and give them course credit.

Does anyone have the link to that tutorial? Does anyone know why the forum search doesn't give ANY results for ANY query? (It does this from time to time, but I can find no rhyme or reason.)

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joyce,

I think you're referring to this tutorial here on reporting course completion on a specific slide.

In regards to the forum searching, it's something our web team is aware of and working on updates for a new version of the Heroes forum. In the meantime, you may want to bookmark a site such as Articusearch or review this screenr on how to search the forums.

Hope that helps!