How to make my storyline activity less clunky/more efficient?

Dec 09, 2022

Hi everyone - I created a fun holiday tunes guessing game. However it takes forever to load the intro layer and later the game over/completed layer. Not sure why, other than the number of triggers and conditions I have set. It takes a solid 17 seconds for the slide to load and then another 17 seconds for either the game over/completed layers to show. Help?

Here's a link to the game.

I've attached the file. Feel free to download and make it your own.

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Tom Kuhlmann

I think the culprit is the intro layer. Each flake is a vector shape. It looks like there are hundreds if not more. And there are also alpha animations with the entrance/exit. That all has to be calculated and drawn and I am sure that it's taxing the PC.

Convert the snowflakes to image files and I'm sure you'll see that it speeds it along.

I'd probably separate the audio and triggers for the associated audio into their own layers.

For example, I'd put the audio files on a layer. This solves an issue you have which is that all of the audio will play at once if clicked. By putting it on a layer, it may decrease the preload and the audio on the layer plays and would turn off any audio playing on a different layer.

Also, not sure why the Life1-3 objects need triggers to set them to normal based on timeline when they have an initial state of normal. That seems redundant.