How to make text showing when clicking a checkbox

Mar 15, 2017


Here are what I need to have. 

1. User selects one or more communication plans (checkbox). 

2. User click Next. 

3. Only the communication plans that user selected are shown on the next slide. 


I've been trying with variables, but can't make it work... Your help is greatly appreciated! 

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Walt Hamilton


Two things:

First, on the second slide, for each of the text boxes, delete the Hidden state and its trigger. SL has a built-in hidden state, and if you create your own, your triggers may causes unwanted conflicts with it. All that is necessary is to set the initial state of each textbox to hidden.

Second, change the trigger from when variable changes to when timeline starts. The variable changes on the first slide when the user clicks, and this slide cannot see that action, so it never knows when the variable changes. Change the state when the timeline starts if the variable is true.



Walt Hamilton

Sure, try this.

Since I had it open, I took the liberty of making one other change.

I added two triggers to the Next button to check the state of the check box and set the variable. You probably need them only if you anticipate the user returning to the first slide and changing their selection. There really is no other good way to change the variable when the check box is de-selected. If you want the user to be able to change the selection, you have to do it this way, because once the variables are set to true, they always stay true. In that case, you don't need the other trigger.

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