How to make the video playbar accessible when the built-in Storyline playbar was not used

Aug 08, 2019

Hi, hoping you can help. We're new to making Storyline 3 courses accessible. We have a course that was built and designed 4 years ago without accessibility in mind. We'd like to make it accessible now. Two roadblocks we've encountered is 1) We did not use the Storyline player, we created custom screens with custom navigation bar. Is there a way to have this nav bar not be read by the screen reader on every screen? (E.g., possibly have a link on each screen that skips the navigation bar and goes directly to the content on the screen)

2) Is there a way to make the video playbar accessible or do we need to create the play, pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward manually on every screen?

Thank you.


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Sajna Thomas

Hello Carol,

We too had created custom screens and navigation bar for a project, and yes you can provide accessibility to them. Right-click on each element and select the Accessibility option, here you can check or uncheck depending on if you need it to be accessible or not.

I checked with regards to the video playbar - I don't think it is accessible. Perhaps others may guide you here.



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