How to match exported MP3 files to original files in slide

Feb 11, 2022


When you publish a course with Storyline it converts sound files on each slide to  mp3 and puts them in the story_content folder with a new, apparently random, name.  Is there any way to map these back to the original files inside the .story file, so you can identify which exported file has come from which slide?  The only way I can see is to check the length of each file to find a match to the slide duration.  Just wondering if anybody has spotted a pattern in the naming convention...


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paul hames

Thanks for replying.  I don't see a media gallery, so I'm guessing this is a Storyline 360 feature.  I should probably have mentioned that I'm on Storyline 3.

A colleague discovered a (sort of) work around.  I typically put a transcript on each of the slides with audio, so by listening to the first few words of the audio and noting them down I can do a search for the corresponding text which takes me to the correct slide.

It's still a bit irritating that such a convoluted method is required.