How to Move Scenes

Aug 20, 2013

I'm working on a project that includes both animated slides and screen recordings. I did the screen recordings first in roughly four different scenes, and then added the slides in multiple scenes. I've been trying to reorder the scenes, yet I am incapable of doing so. I have tried to add triggers to the end of each scene that take the user to the next scene of my choosing, but when I preview the story everything is still in the wrong order. I have contacted Articulate via email and even chatted with online support. There doesn't appear to be a solution, unless it's something obvious that I'm unaware of. Any thoughts on this?

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Brandon Dameshek

I realize it should be as simple as that, but unfortunately that's not working. All of the scenes are numbered based on when I created them in my project. When I look at the multiple scenes on my screen in Story View, they are in the correct order. However, because of the number associated with each scene, they appear in the order by which they're numbered once I publish the course. I can't seem to change the number associated with each scene, and therefore can't change the order of the scenes.

Jewels Dymond

I looked everywhere for a solution, thanks. My link icon wasn't showing up on about 8 of my scenes in storyview, and they were previously linked. I think what happens is you can't click and drag scenes in storyview to move them, because when you link scenes you are actually coding them in position,

IF scenes have already been linked, they are set to be in that particular order, and it will start to glitch out, if you keep trying to relink them. Too many codes.

BUT cut and paste of a scene, while in storyview makes it a fresh newish scene and deletes the assigned directional links, and you can start fresh.

AND your link icon will return to the bottom of your scene and you can then carry on about your designing business.

I love it, finally!!! Thanks everyone good post.