how to open one story from within a story

Apr 05, 2018

hi all,

I want to create a story that has links to all the e-guides i have created with articulate. i have tried creating an hyperlink to them, selecting the link. but when i run the published story and click the link, i just get a page that says Next previous and the story doesnt open.


could anyone give me advice please.



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Wayne Gilliver

hi wendy.

It looks like i wont be able to do it. i have put in the w:// link and also tried the server address \\hhhfile1\workgroups and neither work. I think it has to do with the firewalls as i work at an hospital. due to me working at an hospital, i cant put them on a webserver. oh well..i wonder if i can do it from javascript.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wayne, 

First, I did want to offer a reminder about editing and publishing your content locally, vs. to a network/shared drive. Working from those environments is known to cause corruption. Saving your published output there after the fact, or using it as a back up version is okay -  just make sure you're opening and editing locally. 

It could be the local content playback is more of a problem then the firewalls, as you'll see playing content locally is known to run into browser or security restrictions.  You may want to look at options such as Amazon S3 for hosting content, and even to test it you could always upload to Tempshare

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