How to prevent audio from playing when returning to slide

Hello! I would like to find an elegant way to prevent the audio from playing if a user returns to a "main menu" slide.

Let's say that I have a slide that requires a user to view 4 scenarios by clicking on 4 objects. The audio on this "main menu" slide plays and completes. The user clicks one of 4 objects that take them to view a Scenario on a new slide. When they are done viewing a scenario, they click next which returns them to the "main menu" slide with the 4 objects they must click.  (I'm using states to keep track of when user has visited each object/scenario.)

It is uncool to re-play the original audio each time they return to the main menu. I tinkered with triggers but could not figure out how to stop the audio from playing on their subsequent visits to the slide. I have a workaround that will suffice for now. 

I appreciate your ideas! -Jill

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Johnna Hodges

I am fairly new to Storyline 360 (any Storyline for that matter) and have a similar question to the one posted above.

I have a drag and drop activity slide in my Storyline project.  With that slide is a recorded audio file giving the user some instruction.  If the user drags and drops the items incorrectly, they can select Try Again.  The Try Again option resets the drag/drop objects - which I want, but the audio replays - which I don't want.  I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I might do? Like I said, I am fairly new to this program and don't know a lot about variables.

Thanks very much

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Johnna! Thanks for your question!

I would use a variable to play the audio only when the learner first visits the slide. Here's how I would set that up:

  • Create a true/false variable named "audioplay".
  • Set the default value to false.
  • Add this trigger to the drag and drop slide base layer: "Play media [audio] when the timeline starts if the variable audioplay is equal to false."
  • Add another trigger to the drag and drop slide base layer: "Adjust variable audioplay to true when the media completes [audio]."

One more tip: if you have multiple drag and drop slides with audio, you'll need a unique variable for each slide. 

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

Kevin Kowalski

Hi Alyssa, Articulate Heroes Community,

I have a splash page menu with audio.  There are two or three clickables which direct to a subpage.  Once the learner returns to the main splash menu page, I do not want the audio to replay.  I've followed the steps described above to add a trigger using the True/False Values and now when I publish the course and test it in both my LMS and via the Web, there is no sound on the main splash page.  If I were to load a sample of the course, would someone be willing to help me out?  I feel like I'm close but something must be missing of off? I am not receiving any errors. 

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kevin

Kevin Kowalski

Hi Wendy,

Please remind me how to send it and what specific output you need.  Newer user here. 

PS - I may have figured out the issue.  I have multiple screens where I want to stop the audio so I set up new True/False variables.  My first pass, I was reusing the same one on multiple screens so I think that was the issue.

Thanks, Kevin

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kevin

you're correct - you need to either reset the variable if you are using the same one or have a unique variable to control each audio file.  

For future, just click the grey 'Add Attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload your .story file if you want someone to look at your file.

All the best with your project :-)